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providing zero waste, locally sourced, natural products at a fair market price

Natural Products


Zero Waste to honour the ecology of our island and our planet.

We do this by providing our customers with a clean, one-stop shopping experience with a wide range of non-packaged bulk products which can be taken home in their own containers, or in reusable containers which are for sale in our store.

All refuse from the store will be recycled, repurposed, regenerated, or rotted.

Our suppliers and vendors have made a commitment along with us to provide their goods in sterilized reusable packaging when they send it to the store. Nothing will go to waste. We believe our store is the first Zero Waste store in Canada. Many stores are working towards this end, but we are 100% committed to it. Our customers will share our belief in health, community prosperity and environmental security, and will embrace the idea of a local Zero Waste grocery experience.

Natural Products on Salt Spring Island


Locally Sourced products are purchased from Salt Spring Island’s farming and business community first, and our job is getting those valuable products to the island’s residents at a fair price. We are committed to choosing first, products from Salt Spring Island, then the Gulf Islands, Vancouver Island, or the B.C. Mainland, and the rest of Canada, in that order.

We want to be sure we are offering foods from as close as possible to your home. We choose our products after interviewing the farmers, producers and small business owners, so our shoppers will know the people behind the products.

We will feature information or interviews with them on our website and Facebook page so you can get to meet them too. When you shop in the store you will see on each product a story of the hard-working people who make bringing these products to your family possible.

We strive to purchase our whole foods from single source farms.

Whole Food Natural Products


Natural Products provided for our shoppers that will enrich their family’s health and help the environment.

We carry products that are better for the environment and your health, such as natural, low spray, or organic, and then labeling them as such in our store so you can make an informed choice.

Food will be labeled so you will know exactly what you’re getting and who you are getting it from.

Store Owner, Crystal Lehky

Our Family

Salt Spring Island Grocers

Crystal Lehky and Kevin Feisel, Owners

Family Shenanigans

‘We are a Canadian family with strong values regarding community, commitment, and continuity. We want to live what we believe. We believe that if you put good things into the earth, you will get good things out of it. Same goes for putting good things into your local community, your family, neighbors, local business, and surroundings, good things will grow there too.’