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Not everyone shares our passion for eliminating single use plastic from kitchens. In fact, there are many who think we are just plain nuts and should just live our lives and not worry too much about how single use plastic will impact a distant future. We don’t really hang out with those people.

When it came time to find suppliers that are committed to a greener future we hit a lot of brick walls. Being green is one thing. Manufacturing and shipping products in ways that are super green and sustainable, is a whole other thing. Many companies simply cannot afford the time to create new infrastructure or change their whole way of shipping. And that’s okay because we are sure that they would if they could.

Along the way we have found over 100 great companies that were willing to cave in to the crazy and modify their shipping (some had green shipping already). Our products arrive in containers that are precycled or reusable. We have one supplier that uses boxes that were shipped already to him, to ship his products here. It’s not that hard, not that big a change, but it means the world to us.

We would like to thank, from the bottom of our hearts, our incredible suppliers. We are probably not your favorite customer because of all the extra work, but we are certainly your most grateful. Together we are pioneering a new way of doing business, and that’s not a small thing. Thank you for being brave enough to try something new. Thank you for believing in us and our concept. Thank you for all your extra work to get us the best products in the greenest way possible.

Welcome to the green family suppliers, let’s change the world.

-Crystal Lehky